Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Masih Ada

Ramadan lalu ramai orang yang berpuasa
Namun ada yang tak solat walaupun yang lima..
Yang tak puasa dan tak solat pun masih ada.
Kadang-kadang kita beramal namun sia-sia..
Tak lengkap ibadahnya.. Bukan leka tapi sengaja

Dulu dan kini ada orang solat depan orang tuanya saja.
Ada juga yang solat depan isteri dan anak-anak namun di belakang bagaimana.
Ada orang yang mainkan hukum-hakam 'ikut suka hati dia ja'
Ada orang teringin nak kahwin banyak tapi satu bini pun tak larat nak jaga.
Ramai orang tak berpijak di bumi nyata.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's All About Work

Oh.. Boring.. I have no time to write.. No movies.. No watching football.. and sadly I dont have enough time to spend with my wife and family.. All because of work.. work .. work..

Speaking about work.. My boss has just bought two new network adapters for company's server. (D-Link DGE530T GIGABIT PCI Adapter) and another one (not sure what's it's name) which has 4 ports. These network card has Wake on Lan feature. This function can wake up the system from the sleeping mode to the fully powered mode over the network immediately and automatically. Once the system is awake, it can be directed to run management utilities.

I just confused whether sleep mode is similar to hibernate in most OS system etc Vista, XP and Microsoft Server.. Then i found this
Hibernate & Sleep and continue my reading on this Do you need to turn off your PC at night?

But then i'm still having problem to connect them both.. The network keep disconnecting and no sign of hardware failure shown.. It maybe caused by company's LAN setting or the TCPIP properties.

p/s: It is kind of funny while me at office manage to configure 2 new adapters for server, my pc at home dont even have a network adapter to run network..